1.    Project: Nanodispersion Strengthened Metallic Composites with Enhanced Neutron Irradiation Tolerance, NSUF-1.2: Irradiation Testing of Materials Produced by Innovative Manufacturing Techniques CFA-18-14783 2018~2021
Sponsor: Project funded by DOE-NE Energy


2.    Project: Quantification of porosity evolution in ion irradiated metal-1D/2D nanocomposites and gas-embrittled steels via Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy (18-1242) 2018
Sponsor: Project funded by DOE-NE Energy under DOE Idaho Operations Office


3.    Project: Development of Technologies for Manufacturing Multi-Metallic Layered Composite LWR Fuel Cladding, 2017
Sponsor: Korean Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)


4.    Project: The in-situ observation of radiation resistance mechanism in metal-1D/2D nanocomposites for structural material and fuel cladding of next-generation reactors, 2017
Sponsor: Project funded by DOE-NE through the NSUF

5.    Project: Understanding the dramatic enhancement of radiation resistance in carbon nanotube - metal nanocomposites, 2016
Sponsor: Project funded by DOE-NE through the NSUF

6.    Project: Improvement of Thoria-Plutonia MOX Fuel Performance, 2015-2016
Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corporation through the MIT Energy Initiative 

7.    Project: Design of transparent and thermally insulating window system with thermochromic functionalities of blocking or absorbing infrared rays, 2010-2013

Sponsor: Korea institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)

8.    Project: Development of Al/CNT nanocomposite, 2009-2012
Sponsor: Dayou smart aluminum


9.    Project: Fabrication of CNT-Al nanopowder, 2011-2012
Sponsor: Agency for Defense Development (ADD)


10.    Project: Three-Dimensional Architecture of CNF/CNT/Si NPs/NWs for Li-Based Supercapacitor, 2010-2011
Sponsor: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) 


11.    Project: Development of Al/carbon composite for high specific strength vehicle wheel, 2008-2010
Sponsor: Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE)


12.    Project: Development of Al/CNT nanocomposite, 2006-2009
Sponsor: Dayou smart aluminum


13.    Project: Design for functional structure of CNT for fuel cell application, 2006-2007
Sponsor: Samsung 
Advanced Institute of technology (SAIT)